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FAMI - QS Certification Consultants

We can help organizations in achieving FAMI - QS certification, ISO 22000 certification from certification agencies like SGS, TUV, BVQI, UKAS, NABCB etc.

Though ISO 22000 covers requirements of FAMI - QS certification, many times organizations have to obtain ISO 22000 and FAMI - QS certification both due to customer requirements or somes times due to statutory requirements.

We can help organizations in achieving FAMI - QS food certification, ISO 22000 food certification with complete guidance for FAMI - QS documentation, ISO 22000 documentation, FAMI - QS training, ISO 22000 requirements trainings, Guidance on physical / infrastructural changes for achieving FAMI - QS certification - ISO 22000 certification and coordination with FAMI - QS and ISO 22000 certification agency till certification is achieved.

Key steps in FAMI-QS certification process are

  1. Micro level survey of the existing system and submit gap analysis report
  2. Conduct Fami-QS general awareness program for all employees
  3. Form a steering committee and task force for documentation
  4. Define policy and establish objectives related to FAMI –QS guidline.
  5. Prepare documents of Fami-QS feed safety management system.
  6. Implementation & train all personnel in the use of procedures & formats.
  7. Also give training to employee related to Food safety hazards identification evaluation and control.
  8. Train key functional head for internal audits.
  9. Assess the system through first internal audit.
  10. Take corrective actions for non-conformities.
  11. Do the registration to FAMI-QS certification
  12. Pay fees to FAMI-QS (Fees to be paid annually directly to FAMI-QS)
  13. Avail pre-certification audit of certifying body.(Optional)
  14. Take actions on suggestions given by them.
  15. Final audit by certifying body.
  16. Close findings of Fami-QS certification audit.
  17. Re-certification after 3 years through full audit or continual assessment.

Benefit of FAMI-QS Standard

  1. As FAMI-QS code standard has been approved by European Authorities that getting certified is the best way of proving to your clients and local authorities that your products meet regulatory criteria.
  2. Increased transparency towards your clients & other stakeholders.
  3. Minimization of significant animal feed risks,that adulterated feed additives and premixtures erter the feed chain.
  4. Increased staff motivation by focusing on a job well done.
  5. Effective control of internal process minimizing risk of failure.
  6. Signal sent about a proactive approach to feed safety & quality.
  7. Avoid audit duplication thanks to the mutual recognition with other animal feed schemes.
  8. Focus kept on your essential challenges.
  9. Reduces the need for and the cost of end product testing.
  10. Dynamic communication on food safety issues with suppliers, customers, regulators and other interested parties.

Fami QS Requirements

>  HACCP requirements
>  PRP
>  General requirements
>  Documentation requirements
>  Management commitment
>  Resources requirements

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